Just wanted to et everyone know that Jackson Lee arrived at 1:16 this morning....we have many problems to deal with right now so any prayers would be appreciated. I'll post more later when I'm feeling a bit better.

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Well, an update: Jackson Lee was born via c-section at 1:16am his morning.  We have major problems...I went into the ER with the thought that I was just dehydrated and would need a couple bags of fluid, as it turns out, my liver was swollen and I was dealing with HELLP Syndrome.  I had a c-section by my ob's partner 20 minutes later and Jackson was 4lbs 3 oz. and only 35 weeks.  His lungs are behind and he's currently getting a chest tube to drain the extra fluid.  He's had a platelet transfusion already today.  I am now dealing with additional liver function problems and dropping platelets.  Jackson is at a different hospital than I am, they took him to a childrens hospital which I understand is for the best, but it's killing me.  Todd (bf) is staying with the baby and I'm plugging along here.  Just wanted to update...thinking of you ladies and hoping that everyone is having a great day.


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