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so, the new guy broke up with me yesterday...i'm the one to blame...but, i suppose i'll get over it...just had something good going for me and i blew it...but, that's typically my style...hahah...

Anyway, nothing else to report...i'm kinda tore up about it, but as my dad always says, my heart might ache, but it won't break....the guy even took me off his myspace and replaced me with another girl that i know! LOL now i'm being childish...ugh, just hate this dating crap....perhaps i'm meant to be single for a really really long time! lol

until next time...


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(Deleted comment)
Thanks for reading my will go on...the forecast is just cloudy at the moment! i hope that you're doing well!!!

I'm sorry the relationship ended. I hope everything is ok for you. Besides that and the fact that Michigan is 0-2 ;) (not that I should be talking right now since I'm a ND fan and we're no better)

Thanks...yeah...michigan, ugh..

Hope that you're doing well!

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