it's a hot night in the country...
I am just posting to say that although I love it....IT'S SUPER HOT. was out riding on my dads motorcycle today and it was 104...hello summer!

a quick update...
It's been a while, eh?! Figured it was time for a quick update....

I'm still kinda dating that guy that I mentioned before...he's a wonderful person, we have a great time together...we are what he refers to as "good"...he's still dating other people...which I knew about going into this...everyone knows that's not my style and honestly I'm not sure how much longer I can play runner up...but, we'll's summer so I guess I can't complain's just time to enjoy what i've got for a bit.

In other mom is doing alright...she's in denial about the cancer thing, but we're facing the heart issue head on, one day at a time. My grandpa is having surgery on friday morning...he lost his sight about 2 weeks, with any luck they can repair the damage and he'll regain some of it...I tell's always something in our world....

My brother and his family are going through some issues right now. I am just trying to be there for everyone the best that I can. My mom is still referring to me as the rock of the family...which is i'm certain i'm the one that can currently bear the burdens of others.

Overall, let's see...newly unemployed...standing up for the right thing isn't always easy,but...I learned a lesson from my biological sperm this world, you have to stand for something and in this case I am standing up for what I believe to be the "right" thing.

In conclusion...Am I happy?! Yep, i'm content :) Just rollin with the punches and taking each and every day as it comes :) Thank goodness it's still summer!

Until next time....

date #2
Aren't you all glad that I am keeping you up to date on the drama of my life?? HA! So, my dad found out how old he is and is kinda upset at me...not talking to me or anything...granted he is quite a bit older than me...I am playing it safe and making good decisions. Age is just a number to me, seriously. Anyway...So, I we had our first "date" on monday and that went really well, as I posted about, so we had made plans for me to see him again on friday. Well yesterday he calls and wants to know if I want to come down and hang out by the pool, so of course I didn't pass up that! I went down there and we had incredible conversation and just had a great time. I am a little curious as to why he's still interested in me, really. Who knwos...but it's a good time while it lasts anyway.

Daniel saga continues, as usual...although I have noticed that I am so much less focused on how much I am hurt by him when he's with his girlfriend that I'm doing a bit better. Finally. Although it still hurts, I believe that some of the way he asks and the things he says are intentional to make me feel bad...I mean come on...he has the best of both worlds if two women are pining for him.

Anyway, that's all for now.

Online Dating...
Okay, so I'm trying the online dating thing, as I have mentioned before...Well, I met someone yesterday off of one of the sites and he was incredible. I don't want to jinx (yes, i know how middle school that sounds)anything, but he's a great guy. I don't think it will be a long term thing, as I can tell that's not his style, but at least I've made a new friend...and let me tell you ladies...he's smokin hot!!! :) :) :) hehehe


(no subject)
So I am hoping to go to the academy in the winter (starting in jan.) so I've decided it's time for me to start getting my rear in shape. I still have 20 visits with my personal trainer left so I will schedule those soon...but, as of yesterday i ran for 30 minutes, did some ab sets and stretching. it's crazy how quickly you can gain weight and get right back out of shape goes nothing.

WW, yet again...why do I even kid myself???
Starting Weight: 142

Special K bar 2pts
Nutrigrain bar 3pts
42 oz. of water

soup at hand 1pt
pria bar 2pts
Jello cup 1pt
crystal light, 8oz

mini popcorn bag 2pts
Iced Tea, 32oz


Biggest Loser workout 1

(no subject)
1. Your fingernails? Need to be done
2. Your toenails? very short and in need of paint!
3. Your hair? Long and dark (it's winter, eh?!)
4. Your face? Chubby, but clear :)
5. Your bed? Not made and it's very tempting to go lay in shortly.
6. Your closet? Ugh, enough said.
7. Your kitchen? Empty.
8. Your purse or diaper bag or both? It's more of a bag's my catch all.
9. Your car? Needs to be clean out, badly!
10. Your taxes? Will be done this week.

(no subject)
Just a quick note to say...

I had the most wonderful, life altering birthday!


Following the lead of a fellow LJ'er :)
How many times has someone on your friends list posted about something and you were really confused, but you didn't want to ask because you knew you SHOULD know? How many times have you felt 'guilty' asking an LJ friend a question that should be 'obvious'? Well, here's your chance.

If you've missed a few things, missed an entry and are confused, ask me anything. Even something EXTREMELY basic, like where I live! I'm not allowed to get even slightly irritated at any of the questions - we've all missed things before.

In turn, though, you must repost this in your own journal. Of course.

hello again,

I just ordered a subscription to ww magazine. I am one who buys tons of magazines off the newstand when it has to do with diet and fitness. do you have any suggestions for a good all around fitness/diet magazine? Thanks!


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